Identity Security

Identity Security technologies and business processes provide a digital identity environment to enable online collaboration and stakeholder engagement, while maintaining the security and integrity of the university’s digital assets.

Identity Security helps Technology Services provide a variety of services for campus:

  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Group & Role Management
  • Authentication Services (federated authentication, MFA)
  • Authorization Services (Microsoft Entra ID)
  • Certificate Services (CSR's, ACME Endpoints)
  • Directory Services
  • Emerging Identity Technologies

Integrating NetID

If you are planning to develop an in-house application or purchase third-party software that will require NetID authentication or access to directory information, please view Integration for more information.

New and enhanced services are being developed as part of the Identity Security Roadmap.

Personal NetID Account Help

To manage your personal NetID account, please go to Aggie Account Gateway. For assistance with password resets or Duo MFA, please contact Help Desk Central.

Contact Information

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